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    Reliable kindergarten teachers in Schofields and Toongabbie

    At Hopskotch Kindergarten, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to explore and experience a stimulating, safe and well-managed environment. Through our renowned education services, we install a high level of trust in the children that encourages them to build confidence, self-esteem and independence.

    We hope to encourage a love of learning using reflective practice and modern teaching methods to stimulate the children’s individual interests about the world around them. We encourage play at our learning centres and believe that it’s a great tool to develop language skills and discover their human potential.

    We are able to acknowledge each child as being individually competent, powerful and strong. We believe that each child is rich with potential and can give them the opportunity to explore and build upon their own learning experiences. Through our innovative teaching methods, we hope to help allow children to make sense of their world, finding their place and developing an intrinsic connection with the environment around them.

    We strongly believe that all children are innocent and deserving of equality, fairness, understanding and respect. This philosophy extends to the child’s family, as we recognise that each brings their own set of experiences, beliefs and traditions. We acknowledge each child’s family as their first educator and encourage them to share in their child’s further learning experiences.

    For more information, call us Hopskotch Kindergarten on 02 9626 8727 .

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