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    Early Learning Centre for the Toongabbie Area

    Here at Hopskotch Kindergarten, our friendly team are proud to deliver the finest quality early learning and day care services in the area. We work closely with families to ensure that our services meet the individual needs of each child. Take a look at some of our testimonials below.

    “Hi Gae ,

    I just wanted to take the time to commend you on your centre and the wonderful staff who so ably look after the place for you. Too often, parents are quick to find fault and put complaints in writing, not often enough parents remember to take the time to thank you for the amazing job you all do.

    Gae, we have been involved in a few centres over the years, having had two children in day care from a very young age. Never before have we seen the level of competence, care and dedication that your staff so keenly display. Hopskotch is truly an extension of our family – parenting skills and concern for our children are seamlessly passed over each morning to the women who genuinely care for our son.

    We feel blessed to be part of your centre – our only regret is that our association finishes when Sam heads to school next year!!

    Thanks for your remarkable leadership.

    Catriona Wood”

    “Good morning

    I just wanted to pass on my appreciation of the care that my boys Liam and Hayden are receiving at Hopskotch. I have dealt with three or four preschool/day care centres in the past seven years, and Hopskotch by far provides a real family atmosphere.

    When I leave my boys in the mornings I know that they will not be seen as a number and if I ask the carers in the afternoon they will be able to tell me specific activities my boys enjoyed or things they said throughout the day.

    It is also the first time I have seen the ‘child-directed’ activities in place – although all previous centres professed to have this value. Just one example is even though my Liam asks for the pirate-snap game almost every time he is there, the carers are patient to play it with him and use it to encourage other activities as well.

    The quality of the carers at the centre is amazing. They always welcome the children in the morning – I know this seems basic, but I do understand that with a lot of children in the room sometimes it can be hard to see who is coming and going. Not a day goes by without a “Good Morning Liam and Hayden”. The carers are never ‘too busy’ to take the time to just chat for a minute or so at pick-up time to let me know of anything happening or just a little portion of the boys’ day.

    I was quite hesitant and anxious when I first brought my boys into the pre-school environment, but now I know they have an opportunity to make new friends and receive care that is just as good as them being at home with me.

    I know a lot of the time appreciation and thanks comes when either children or carers leave a centre, but I wanted to express my gratefulness now, when my boys are settled in the centre, and it looks like they will be there for some time to come!!

    With many thanks

    Maria and Timothy Froome”

    “Hey Guys,

    I picked this card because it symbolizes the fact that Maldon is one of a kind. You raise the bar in terms of quality care in early childhood, and Asher is very lucky to have been able to grow with you.

    We will miss you all very much.

    Love Jen XXX”

    “Hi Gae,

    We wanted to place on record our thanks to you and your team for the wonderful provision of service given to our children.

    We have had our girls enrolled at your centre for the last seven years and so it’s with a tinge of sadness that we will say our final goodbye to the centre and the amazing staff, when Ava finishes at Maldon this Wednesday and prepares for ‘big school’.

    Maldon excels in caring for and educating our children. The passion and commitment to the children is evident in every aspect of the service Maldon provides.

    As a parent, when you leave your most precious asset in the world, your child, and entrust their care to another, it is a huge deal. This was made easier knowing that Maldon and the team really do care about making our children feel happy and safe.

    Many thanks for all that Maldon has done in nurturing, teaching and being a significant part in our little girl’s early and influential developmental years.

    With kind regards,

    Rachel and Dominic Grayson”

    For more info on any of our services, call Hopskotch Kindergarten today on 02 9626 8727 .

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